About Us

Welcome to Macondo Forever—an online store dedicated to bettering the lives of indigenous artisans while helping you elevate your home with beautiful, handmade tabletop décor and accessories.

I’m Maria Vergara, the founder, and I’m originally from Barranquilla, a bustling seaport city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to the intricate and unique  beauty of crafts created by the indigenous people of my country. My fascination with their creations never waned and now, as an adult, my goal is to help indigenous people preserve their art and culture by making their handmade crafts available to people in the United States.


Our store’s name was inspired by the fictional town, Macondo, in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's renowned novel, 100 Years of Solitude. Through offering beautiful crafts from the Colombian Caribbean, we hope to give the U.S. a taste of the magical realism famously portrayed in Marquez’s novel.

At Macondo Forever, we believe that the most special, one-of-a-kind items come straight from artisans’ hands. We’ve curated a unique collection of tabletop décor and accessories that will add a distinctive touch to your home. You’ll notice the pieces we offer have a trademark look of eye-catching patterns and intricate hand-woven details. You can feel the care, attention, and strong cultural appreciation that has gone into each and every piece.

Artesania de Iraca


Using fair trade practices, we buy products directly from artisans in Colombia, always ensuring that we are compensating them adequately for their hard work. We also donate 10 percent of our profits to local charities to assist with various projects.

We hope that when you see these items in your home, you’re transported to my beautiful hometown of Barranquilla. Thank you for visiting us and helping to better the lives of artisans through fair trade practices. 

Artesana de Iraca