Why Woven Placemats and Napkin Rings Are the Perfect Artisan Touches

May 6, 2022

If you’re looking for new accessories to spruce up your dining area, look no further than our Iraca woven placemats and napkin rings. Handmade woven table accessories made by indigenous artisans add a unique and cultured touch to any dining table. The woven accessories from Macondo provide a dual purpose: the sale of these handcrafted placemats and napkin rings not only elevate your dining room style, these sales also better the lives of the indigenous artisans who create them. If you’re on the fence about taking the plunge and investing in beautiful table décor, here are some of the top reasons that Macondo’s woven accessories are the perfect touches to your space.

Woven Placemats and Napkin Rings Are Versatile

Woven placemats

The look of woven placemats and woven napkin rings from Macondo are elegant and refined, but they are also versatile in their use. These accessories may be appropriate for tablescapes for a number of holidays and special occasions, but their woven structure also makes them simple enough for everyday use. They also integrate well with other styles you may have in your kitchen and dining room. With the right napkins and tablecloth, these accessories can display boho chic in your dining room or can paint a more elegant, classy picture.

They Integrate Seamlessly Into Anyone’s Dining Space

Iraca woven placemats

Because of the nature of woven home goods, they are often neutral in tone and color. This makes them the ideal gift to give a friend, teacher, newlywed, and more. Their neutral appearance means they will fit into any dining room or kitchen color scheme seamlessly. Woven table accessories are also a unique intersection between form and function, making them both thoughtful and usable to anyone who receives them as a gift.

It’s All in the Mission

Artesana Iraca

You can’t beat a two-for-one when it comes to your consumption of home décor. Wherever you can, supporting local or indigenous artisans to grow their businesses and hone their crafts can make a huge difference. When you choose to support a small business as opposed to a big brand name or big box store, you’re making a much larger impact than just the impact on your own living environment.

Artesano Iraca

Every single one of our woven placemats and woven napkin rings are made in 100% all-natural Iraca fibers.  Iraca fibers come from the Iraca palm - a very sturdy natural fiber that looks like rattan, seagrass, raffia, etc. The Iraca palm grows wild in this area of Colombia with entire villages dedicated to growing and harvesting this sustainable plant. 

Before you opt for a plain Jane placemat from a nearby big box retailer, consider the options of supporting indigenous artisans and receiving high-quality, elegant table accessories at the same time.

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