Festive Christmas Table Setting Ideas For Holiday Cheer

Dec 12, 2022

Snowy days, burning fireplaces, and mugs of hot cocoa are harbingers of the best time of the year: Christmas 🎄 

While adorning the halls with twinkling lights and red bows is integral for a Christmas interior, decking your table with festive centerpieces and decorative elements is equally important to spread the holiday cheer. And because Christmas is about sharing meals with loved ones, tablescaping makes a world of difference while creating the ultimate holiday experience. 

Be the holiday host and set the scene for a merry get-together this season with the following Christmas table setting ideas. Let’s make those guests enjoy holiday dining like never before!

Christmas Table Setting

Add Bold Colors Through Bright-Hued Placemats

One of the easiest ways to add the spirit of the season to your tabletop is through festive placemats. While there are Christmas-customized options on the market, we love a placemat that’s subtly Christmas. One of our favorites is the Summer Flower Handwoven Placemat featured below — it has a light and airy design, and features a stunning red color, perfect for Christmas!

Insider tip: Its subtle style means you can use it beyond the holiday season, too. For example, while hosting outdoor parties on a summer afternoon. 

Macondo Forever’s Summer Flower Woven Placemat

Macondo Forever’s Summer Flower Woven Placemat

Incorporate A Hint Of Nature

Whether you love natural green or bright florals, greenery is essential for Christmas table settings.

Use a greenery garland in the center and toss in a few bright red pomegranates for a fully Christmas-inspired color palette. Go the extra mile by tying mini shrubs around the napkins — and accent the look with luxury gold cutlery. Alternatively, you can create a romantic tablescape by adding red roses for a floral look.

Bonus points if you go the extra mile and opt for living plants. Aromatic evergreen shrubs, such as rosemary and sage, as well as winter plants, such as Eucalyptus, are all fantastic choices for a Christmas table setting.

Christmas Table Settings

Add A Touch Of The Farmhouse Aesthetic

If you love all things vintage, consider adding a touch of the farmhouse aesthetic to your tablescape. Add a fresh and stylish yet rustic look to your Christmas tabletop with round woven placemats and gold silverware. Keep the look grounded with white pottery — and be sure to top the setting with a beige napkin and matching napkin ring.

Macondo Forever’s Sunflower Round Woven Placemat

Macondo Forever’s Sunflower Round Woven Placemat

Use Faux Christmas Trees

What’s a Christmas table setting without a Christmas tree? 

Bottle brush trees are a convenient choice, looking just like their real counterparts. If you’re feeling a little crafty, create the perfect tabletop tree yourself! One super easy way to do so is by wrapping any leftover glittery green gift paper you may have around cardboard cones. Make two to four of these to distribute across your Christmas table. Be sure to use varying heights of cones to create visual interest. 

If you’re in for a good DIY, there are plenty of crafty ideas on YouTube — such as the three beautiful DIY tree ideas by Carter Sams.

Christmas Table Setting with Faux Christmas Trees

Create Ambiance With A Candle (Or Three)

Candles make Christmas table settings as holiday-homey as it gets. Spread pillar candles across your tablescape for the ultimate cozy aesthetic — the dim, romantic light is complimentary. 😉

Candles also offer a subtle way to instigate the sense of smell in your decor. Use scented candles with serene, snowy fragrances, such as clary sage, frosted vanilla, and warm cinnamon. 

If you’re expecting children at the table as well, opt for the safer route and choose flameless candles. They’re equally aesthetic — just without the flame.

Pro tip: Completely transform the look by placing your candles in Star Woven Holders; they’ll take the tablescape to a whole new level of visual aesthetics!

Christmas Table Setting with Candle

Add Mini Trees Through Napkin Rings

Looking for another excuse to add mini trees to your Christmas table setting? Palm Woven Napkin Rings are just what you need! They are handwoven with love and add rich texture to your tablescape. The colors of these napkin rings are ideal for adding a punch of green. And, of course, they provide functionality by tying up your napkins into beautiful shapes and forms.

Pair these with minimalist, black-and-white striped napkins (a hint of red is still appreciated, though). Pull the color palette together by using dark green-tinted glassware. Finally, add the luxe factor with gold cutlery.

If you’re looking for traditional red in the napkin rings, too, consider the Summer Orchid Napkin Rings for your tablescaping.

Macondo Forever’s Palm Woven Napkin Ring

Macondo Forever’s Palm Woven Napkin Ring

Create A Winter Wonderland

Set a heartwarming holiday scene on your table by drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian design style. Think light and neutral hues, minimalism, diverse textures, and wintry vibes. Winter wonderland styles are usually light and airy, featuring a white and silver color palette.

Begin by using white tableware with grey napkins. Add some blingy Christmas spirit with sparkly trees and silver ball ornaments, and complement the Scandi-style setting with simple table linens.

Glass décor pieces will make a subtle décor statement in this winter wonderland. Finally, accent the tablescape with brass candlesticks for a hint of coziness.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Table Setting

Add Twinkling Lights

Twinkling lights complete Christmas décor — and the same applies to Christmas table settings.

Once your décor is complete, complement it by using battery-powered fairy lights around it. Casually spread the strings in an irregular fashion throughout the central decorations, creating a casual yet cozy look.

Twinkling lights add soft, diffused ambient light to the tablescape. This makes the setting special enough for an intimate Christmas dinner with family and friends, as well as a romantic at-home holiday date with your better half.

Christmas Table Settings with Twinkling Lights

Complement With A Centerpiece Full Of Pinecones

A centerpiece adds interest and character to the tablescape. It also helps set the theme while injecting elegance —  at times, it forms the focal point of the Christmas table setting.

Create a unique statement in your decor by incorporating a Petals Woven Basket hand-crafted by artisans. Fill it with pinecones for a centerpiece specific for the season. You can also toss in red berries if you’re looking for a burst of color. Tip: Use snow-covered pines (DIY, of course) for a wintry vibe.

When Christmas is over, the woven basket can be used for other purposes. For example, a bread basket or serving tray — or you can simply fill it with fresh flowers for a spring tablescape. Talk about versatility in décor!

Macondo Forever’s Petals Woven Basket

Let’s Get Decorating With These Christmas Table Setting Ideas!

Whether your Christmas celebrations revolve around a hearty brunch, formal dinner, or funky cocktail party, the festive Christmas table setting ideas given above will create the perfect holiday ambiance. The best part? They’re super easy to put together. After all, there’s so much to do during the holiday season, and tablescaping shouldn’t add to the stress!

So, pick your favorite ideas, and get decorating — we’re sure they’ll please even the Grinchiest of guests 😉

Would you like to add to our list of Christmas table setting ideas? Share your fun ideas with us in the comments section below!