Dazzle Your Guests With These Easter Table Setting Ideas

Mar 14, 2023

Easter is a time when friends and family come together to catch up with people they haven’t met in months, share delicious meals, and make lots of wonderful memories. If you’re one of those people who love hosting big Easter brunches or dinners in your home, you’re in the right place!

Most hosts set a certain tone for an event by communicating through their decor. You can impress your Easter guests this year by using table settings to create a modern yet welcoming look for your dining table. 

If you’re not sure what the vibe of your event is and what kind of table settings you want for Easter, don’t worry! This article will tell you all about it!

Bring On The Pastels

While baby blue is the main color for Easter, you can incorporate lots of pastels into your Easter table settings for a sophisticated effect that also communicates the spirit of the holiday.

You should use coordinates pastel napkins to create a cohesive theme that also looks great on your table settings. If you want to make the pastels stand out, you can opt for a woven placemat that will enhance your color theme for the event and wow your guests at the same time!

Easter Table Settings with Iraca woven placemat

Macondo Forever’s Round Woven Placemat

Get The Rustic Charm

A rustic theme for your Easter dinner might be a great idea if you want to create a gorgeous display with just a little effort. Use a neutral-toned tablecloth in beige or brown, and use burlap-themed decorations around the table. 

You can complete the look with mason jars with candles in them or woven napkin rings to go with your neutral-toned napkins and old-timey decorations.

Your Easter table décor reflects your sense of style and attention to detail, which is why you need to have table settings that go well with the holiday, the theme you’ve chosen, and the various decorative items you’ve chosen for your table.

Easter Table Setting with handmade placemat

Flower Placemat

Rustic Woven Napkin Rings

Macondo Forever’s Iraca Woven Napkin Ring


Revitalize The Space With Some Fresh Flowers

Whether you’re a gardener or just someone looking for elegant Easter table-setting ideas, you cannot deny that fresh flowers are always a great idea. Fresh flowers as table décor are extremely popular because they’re easily available, look elegant, and tie together whatever theme you have quite nicely. 

For example, if you have a rustic theme for your Easter dinner, you can place a bunch of fresh flowers in a gorgeous woven vase so your guests can take in the smell and the sight of the flowers before their meal. 

Different flowers also have different meanings attributed to them, so you can curate bouquets for your table that beautifully present whatever message you wish to communicate to your guests!

Handmade Shell Vase with Flowers

Macondo Forever’s Seashell Woven Vase

Add The Themed Eggs

If you really want to lean into the Easter egg hunt theme for Easter dinner, you can find some great DIY craft eggs that can help your table look a lot more fun, appeal to the kids and create a true Easter vibe for your meal. 

But that’s when the main problem comes in. What do you place the Easter eggs in? This woven basket, of course! 

You can paint the eggs in many different colors or even the same color and create a cohesive pattern for your table settings that kids and adults alike will love.

Macondo Forever’s Petal Woven Basket

Go Bright And Bold

If you’re tired of the pastel Easter themes and the baby blue eggs, you can choose to add a splash of color to your table setting by choosing a bold theme. The main aim of the theme should be to draw the eye towards the table setting but not overdo the bright colors as that can look a little gauche. 

You can go for a bold yet subtle look by incorporating bright red placemats in your table settings. You can offset the bold placemats with a neutral-toned tablecloth and napkins in a complementary color such as beige or white. 

Red handwoven scalloped placemat table setting

Macondo Forever’s Summer Flower Woven Placemat

Make Your Centerpiece Count

You can step up your table-setting game by opting for a unique yet beautiful centerpiece. A centerpiece draws the guest’s eye to it while tying together the theme nicely. If you’re going for a vintage look, you can go for a big metal candleholder that will look like something out of a Jane Austen novel. 

On the other hand, if you want to add some fresh flowers from your garden to liven up your table, you can use a woven straw vase to hold the flowers because it will complement the table settings and looks terrific in pictures. 

table with handwoven hurricane vase with yellow flowers

Macondo Forever’s Corazones Large Woven Iraca Straw Hurricane Vase

Accessorize To Your Heart’s Content

No table setting is complete without some essential dining table accessories. The most prominent ones are the cutlery, placemats, salt and pepper shakers, and napkins. But what about napkin holders? You don’t want to disrupt the dinner by running about when someone needs an extra napkin, so the best possible idea is to keep a beautiful napkin holder on the table.

A handwoven napkin holder in neutral colors will fit into the scene perfectly, making the table settings look like something out of a magazine. Not to mention, the convenience that comes with keeping a napkin holder on the table is unparalleled. 

handwoven napkin holder

 Macondo Forever’s Corazon Handwoven Iraca Straw Napkin Holder

Get A Little Eclectic

If you’re tired of setting out a table that ends up looking really similar to the previous years setting, you should experiment a little! Having a tablecloth with a funky print or in a bold color can surely brighten up your table setting and bring some holiday cheer to the table as well. 

Another great idea for an interesting yet affordable table setting is to invest in a woven centerpiece

We just launched our Stromanthe centerpiece collection available in Blush Natural and Green.  How about some Candle Holders?

Ready To Set Out Your Easter Table Settings Yet?

When you put so much effort into preparing a hearty meal for your family and friends, you want the table settings to reflect that care and attention to detail. A well-decorated table often gives the family dinner an exclusive feel that’s often missing when the table settings don’t go well with the food. 

Since Easter is a time for togetherness and sharing joy, you need table settings that complement your meal, leaving your guests satisfied and in a great mood. Most of the items on Macondo Forever bring warmth and sophistication to any table setting and will be a great staple for your dining table this Easter holiday!

So, what’s the theme for your Easter table settings this year? Let us know!