5 Accessories for an Elegant Tablescape

May 6, 2022

I love creating pretty tables so I thought it would be fun to share with you the list of my must-have tabletop decorations and accessories that will help you create an elegant tablescape time and time again.  These are my recommended must-haves tabletop decorations:

5 Must-Have Tabletop Accessories for an Elegant Tablescape

#1. Woven Placemats

Iraca woven Placemats


Woven placemats can take your dining table from blah to wow! My favorite woven placemats are from our Iraca Palm collection.   Woven placemats go so well in many themes including Boho-Chic, Farmhouse, Grandmillenial etc. I love the contrast between the hard surfaces of the plates against the warm texture and the intricate design of the woven placemats and get ready to amaze your guests.

#2. Large Bowl

Large wooden bowl

A large bowl in the center of the table is the quintessential centerpiece.  A large bowl in the center of the table filled with fruit or flowers just seems to always work no matter the season or celebration.  I recommend a large wood bowl in natural materials like wood, Iraca or even glass.  I think there is nothing more chic than a large wooden bowl in the center of a dining table for instant touch of elegance.

#3. Flower Vases

Flower Vases

My other must-have centerpiece favorites are flower vases.  I have two crystal flower vases that I received as wedding gifts whatever years ago and they still look amazing.  I use them all the time especially on holidays to make things extra special.  The ones I have are medium height but you can go as tall as you want.  I like to fill them out with flowers or eucalyptus branches. 

#4. Table Runner

table runner

I love showing off my reclaimed wood table but I also love the softness of table linens.  A table runner is a perfect compromise.  Pick an interesting pattern that goes well with your current decor.  The length of the table runner is up to you.  Ideally, it should hang at least six inches over each end of the table.  Let me give you an example: my dining table is 72 inches.  So if I want the table runner to hang 6 inches off of each side of the table, I will buy a table runner that is at least 84 inches.

#5. Napkin Rings

Iraca woven napkin rings

I love napkin rings.  For me, they are the equivalent of “the cherry on top” of any plate setting.  There are so many napkin rings out there but I like ones that bring something interesting to my table setting.  My current favorites are our Bud Vase Napkin Rings and our Iraca Woven Napkin Rings.  The Bud Vase Napkin Rings are napkin rings handblown in glass and shaped like mini flower vases.  I like to use them as napkin rings with some flowers in them but also like to place them around the table as flower vases for extra greenery.  I have also used them as place cards.  The Iraca Woven Napkin Rings are just so beautiful to look at with their intricate designs.  The Iraca woven napkin rings are always a great conversation starter for your guests.

So that wraps up my list of must-haves tabletop decorations that will help you create an elegant tablescape for any type of celebration using the things you already have.  You can easily customize this elegant table settings by switching accent plates and napkins.

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