13 Glamorously-Elegant Table Setting Ideas for New Year’s Celebrations

Jan 10, 2023

The countdown to the Chinese New Year 2023 is officially on, so why not prepare your home — and tabletop — with festive decor? After all, a week off from work while welcoming the New Year calls for partying.

If you’re ready to celebrate the end of a year and welcome the new one, be the host and treat your loved ones to a festive dinner. But first, create a glitzy atmosphere — read: cheerful table settings and lots of mouthwatering meals.

Keep reading as we talk about the top 13 glamorously-elegant table setting ideas for New Year’s celebrations. As the clock is ticking and the year is coming to a wrap, these cool decor ideas are just what you need to welcome 2023 in style!

Add Sophisticated Bling With Candles

Add much-need bling the sophisticated way by incorporating candles into your table setting. They provide soft illumination while adding elegance and style to the setup.

You may opt for pillar candles, placing them in woven holders to double the aesthetics. Consider these especially if you’re hoping to make a design statement. Pillar candles also offer a great way to incorporate scent.

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury, opting for gold candlesticks is a great idea!

Woven Pencil Holder with Candles

Dare To Go Bold

Go bold in your New Year’s table setting with bright and bold colors. A navy blue tablecloth topped with mustard accents (through the napkin rings, for example) makes for a stunning contrast. Alternatively, you can jazz things up with richly-saturated jewel tones. In that regard, ruby and brass accents are ideal for an evening affair.

Macondo Forever’s Moonlight Round Woven Placemat


… Or Stick To The Classic White and Gold

If you want to stick to the traditional color palette, go for it! The classic white and gold combination makes for an incredibly elegant setup. To get a little more festive, consider blending together gold and black. In either scenario, use the neutral hue (white or black) as the primary color, and jazz it up with gold — more on that in a minute.

Tablescape with Woven Placemats

Macondo Forever’s Daisy Round Woven Iraca Straw Placemat


Utilize Ornaments

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to kick your holiday decorations to the curb. Save those gold ornaments from your tree and use them throughout the center of your table to create an eye-catching arrangement.

Alternatively, place them in a petals woven basket, paired with miniature champagne décor bottles, to create a festive centerpiece.

Incorporate Florals

Keep your New Year’s table setting soft and gentle with a bunch of florals. Dusty pink and white flowers are great for a laid-back feel, while red roses help add a pop of color. Opting for fresh-cut flowers also helps add fragrance — and using faux ones gives you the opportunity to place them in a stunning woven vase.

Macondo Forever’s Orchid Woven Iraca Straw Napkin Ring

Add Glitz and Glamor

End the year on a shiny note by adding some glitz and glamor. A sequined tablecloth and scattered confetti are a great place to start. Go the extra mile with a festive centerpiece. In that regard, one of our favorites is tying metallic helium balloons around a wine bottle! Finally, use a Happy New Year sign in the backdrop for the ultimate decor setup.



Go Big On Greenery

Adding a punch of greenery instantly adds visual interest to any table setting. Consider repurposing your holiday garland as a table runner. If you’re decorating a small table, you can roll it around your centerpiece. Be sure to add twinkle lights for a cozy yet glitzy ambiance!



Delight With Personalized Wishes

Lift the spirits of your guests with personalized wishes for the New Year. “To my lovely cousin Josh, I hope 2023 is the year you get the job of your dreams! is an example of what to display for a loved one struggling to find a job. It may take a little bit of effort, but such a thoughtful gesture will go a long way!


Credit: Catalog Atelier


Sprinkle Some Stars

If lots of glitter is too maximalist for your taste, consider sprinkling stars around the setup. They add bling to the table setting without going overboard. Besides, celestial and stars decor is a tradition when it comes to New Year’s Eve.

Tip: If you’re looking to add a few stars to your flatware, consider using star-shaped sprinkles for a sweet treat.


Pick Statement Placemats

Placemats are an integral part of any table setting, so be sure to pick the right ones for your New Year’s tablescape. A round woven placemat is an innovative idea — it serves the purpose while also diversifying textures in the space, making it welcoming. Alternatively, you can opt for bright-hued ones to add a punch of color.

Macondo Forever’s Flower Round Woven Placemat


Get Fancy With Napkin Rings

Fancily tying napkins is a fun way to add to the visual aesthetics of the tablescape. While there are plenty of orientations to style the napkins, one thing is a must: the napkin rings. Whether you opt for a butterfly one or daisy napkin ring, it will make a statement in your table setting! Bonus points if you use a napkin holder and straw coasters, too.

Macondo Forever’s Pom Pom Woven Iraca Straw Napkin Ring


Celebrate The Season

Why not use New Year’s eve as an excuse to celebrate the snowy season? Top a white table base with silver cutlery and glittery blue accents. Using decorative snowflakes is a must, of course! White flowers, candles, and pinecones are other decor items to use in the winter-inspired New Year’s table setting.


Add Gold Accents

As a final touch, use gold accents to factor in luxury into your table setting. Consider incorporating these through candlesticks and cutlery, as well as gilded glassware. You may also add gold flowers in the centerpiece.

If you’re hosting guests on New Year’s eve, placing mini golden stopwatches in every plate setting is a super festive way to count down the minutes to New Year.


Credit: Blue Bell Florals


Ready To Celebrate The New Year?

The Chinese New Year (also known as the Lunar New Year) falls on 22nd January, 2023. If you’re not in the country to experience its 15-day-long festival, consider celebrating its spirit in your home with the festive table setting ideas given above! Pick the ones you love and replicate them in your space — or use them for inspiration to curate your personalized New Year’s tablescape. 

Surf through our entire collection at Macondo Forever to handpick your favorite products or simply follow the links in the blog post. With just a few clicks, you can order the items you love and have them delivered right at your doorstep for a dream tablescape ideal! Before you get to it, be sure to share your favorite ideas and products in the comments section below 🙂

From the Macondo Forever family to yours, wishing you a Happy New Year 🎉