Our Woven Orchid Napkin Rings were featured on A Sharpe Eye!

Apr 27, 2022

We were so happy to see our Woven Napkin Rings featured in A Sharp Eye's post about their favorite napkin rings! Visit their site to take a look at the feature and pick up some great tips on how to decorate a table with sustainable napkin rings, along with some amazing inspiration for your own home.

We are so thrilled to have our Woven Napkin Rings featured on A Sharp Eye, a blog that “is a trustworthy source that shares your priorities, lifestyle and points of view. It’s a treasure trove of more than 1,000 articles with ideas they liked and things we’ve tried, tested and loved. You can search for almost any topic and odds are that they will have written about it!”

Thank you, A Sharp Eye! We are so glad that our Woven Napkin Rings caught your eye. They're a perfect way to add a touch of color, texture and style to any dinner table.

Our “Woven Napkin Rings” are handwoven by Indigenous artisans from Colombia. They are made from sustainable Iraca straw and are available at our online shop for $6.95 each and discounted when purchased in sets of 6 or 8.

We love napkin rings for a few reasons. First and foremost, we think they're pretty — and who doesn't want pretty tableware? But also, we think they're a great way to personalize your table setting.

woven placemat and woven napkin ring

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For our Woven Orchid Napkin Rings, we were inspired by woven textures and the natural forms you see in nature — in this case, an orchid.  We wanted something simple enough that it wouldn't be a distraction from the rest of your table setting, but interesting enough that it could still serve as the focal point if you wanted it to.

They also featured our woven orchid napkin ring in the A Sharp Eye's Instagram page! Check out A Sharp Eye's Instagram page here.

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We have such a great selection of Iraca woven napkin rings, if you are looking for something specific, we can always design it just for you. They are also wonderful as a one of a kind gift.

Our Orchid Woven Napkin Rings comes in many colors...

All of our napkin rings are handmade by Indigenous artisans from my home country of Colombia!

We’re so excited to share this feature of our Woven Orchid Napkin Rings, one of our most popular items, on A Sharp Eye! If you want to keep up with us, find us at @macondoforevershop on all social media platforms.

We are so excited to be featured on this blog. We hope you will take a minute to check it out. Thanks Nancy and Ginny!