How We Help Keep the Art of Weaving Iraca Alive

Apr 27, 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: "How are we helping Iraca artisans?" I am so happy to answer this.  Weaving Iraca is a beautiful art form that has been practiced in Colombia from generation to generation for over 200 years.  The only way to keep this art form alive is by increasing the demand for Iraca palm products.  I have always loved Iraca products for their look, quality and what it represents.  Let me tell you how Macondo Forever and all its customers are helping the artisans of Northern Colombia preserve the art of Iraca weaving alive.

Iraca Palm

#1. Job Security: Unlike the USA and other developed countries, Colombia doesn't have any unemployment protection insurance against unemployment.  By committing to buy inventory cyclically, we have guaranteed the employment of several hundred artisans

#2.  Fair Trade: Macondo Forever buys directly from the Iraca artisans coop.  We don't shorten them.  We pay them a fair price for their handmade Iraca placemats and napkin rings

#3. Prepay for Raw Materials. By prepaying for the raw materials, we are helping bring down the cost of production.  For this, we rely on the advantages of the exchange rates between the US dollar and the Colombian Peso.  Also, we are helping our artisans with their own cash flow

#4. Keep their art alive: We knew people in the United States would love our Iraca placemats and woven napkin rings.  We hoped the increase in demand would make Iraca weave a profession instead of a craft hobby and keep this trade alive

Iraca Artisan

Iraca weaving is a treasured Colombian art that is worth preserving.  The products created are beautiful and functional.  The materials are natural and sustainable.  When you buy a product from our store, you're bringing a little bit of our magical realism to your home.  On behalf of all the citizens of Macondo, I want to thank all of our customers for their support.  Their purchases help us help an entire community keep the art of Iraca weaving alive.

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