Spring and Easter Tablescape Ideas

Hello friends. It is the end of February and you know what that means? Spring! Spring is coming! Spring is my favorite time of the year because the season brings a sense of renewal to everything around us. Spring is also a time for many celebrations.  Are you looking for Spring and Easter Tablescape ideas? Check out my Spring and Easter table setting design featuring our woven placemats and napkin rings from our store.  If you love our products, you can subscribe to our email newsletter and you will receive a coupon for 15% off your first order.  Now let's look at how I style my table for a Spring celebration.

Tips on How to Create a Spring and Easter Tablescape

Use Spring colors

The best colors to use during Springtime are pastel colors. The must-have colors in any Spring table are yellow, green, pink, blue, and lavender. If you do not want to go with the traditional colors, you can look to Pantone for inspiration. I like Pantone's 2021 Spring color palette which includes marigold, cerulean, rust, illuminating, French blue, green ash, burnt coral, mint, amethyst orchid, and raspberry sorbet.

Spring Tablescape with Woven Placemats
Nest with ​​Nina

This gorgeous tablescape is courtesy of our customer, Nest with Nina,  She expertly incorporates the bright colors of Spring with our Flower woven placemat and our Orchid woven napkin rings to create a beautiful and inviting Spring tablescape.

Woven Placemat and Orchid napkin ring
Nest with Nina​​

The base color for this Spring tablescape is Marigold.  Pantone picked Marigold as a Spring color for this year.  I didn't think I was going to like but I do! The Marigold color does look good against our natural orchid napkin rings...

Anchor your Palette with woven Placemats

Flower Iraca Woven Placemat
Nest with Nina​​

I love the look of woven placemats against a tablecloth. My favorite woven placemats are from our Iraca Placemats collection. The woven placemats add warmth and the intricate design patterns of our Iraca placemats adds a unique luxury to the tablescape.

table settings with woven placemats

Use Fresh Flowers

Nothing says "Spring" louder than a fresh bouquet. I like to go to a local flower shop to shop for flowers. There are so many flowers in bloom in Spring to choose from. Tulips, Sunflowers, roses, poppies, and more all naturally bloom in the springtime giving you plenty of options. My favorite flowers to use in a Springtime bouquet are Sunflowers with white daisies. Sunflowers and daisies look great in any farmhouse tablescapes. Another flower combination I like is pink roses and white carnations or yellow daisies plus wildflowers that go well with boho tablescapes.

Flower Woven Placemat
Nest with Nina​​

Add a fun centerpiece

If you have a large wooden bowl, you can just fill it up with flowers, and boom! you have an easy, pretty centerpiece. I like to get creative with my centerpieces. I do have several decor pieces that I use over and over to create tablescapes. For a Spring and Easter tablescape, I am going to use a pair of wooden boxes that I am going to fill with paper grass and filled with Meyers lemons from my garden or Easter Eggs from the Dollar Store.  Get creative with your centerpiece!

Flower Woven Placemats
Nest with Nina​​

Add Color

Spring is all about color. Customize your Spring and Easter tablescape by sneaking in Spring colors in every chance you get. A new set of Springtime napkins is a cost-effective way to add Spring colors to your table setting. I own a neutral set of dishes and I like to customize it for the seasons by adding accent plates and a new set of napkins.  This year I tried Pantone's Marigold colored napkins.  I think this is more of a Fall color but I still tried it against my other Spring and Easter table decor.

woven napkin rings

Spring is a time of renewal and your tablescape should reflect the mood of the season. Take time to plan your Spring and Easter tablescapes.  Follow our tips: use Spring colors, anchor your palette, use fresh flowers, add a fun centerpiece and have lots of fun accessories and you will create elegant Spring and Easter table settings worthy of pictures.

Did you find any good ideas from my table design? I hope my table design for Spring and Easter inspired you.  I always try to use the high quality items that I own over and over again and accessorize with items that catches my eye.  In this tablescape, I am mixing woven placemats, crystal flutes, designer coffee cups with  Dollar General accessories and it all looks super cute.  Let me know if you like this tablescape in the comments below.



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