How To Create a Boho Tablescape

May 6, 2022

Trends for styling a big day, whether a party, get together or a wedding constantly changing to match the various decor. It's a beauty to watch how when all these take place, particularly when a certain trend catches you by surprise. Until recently, the boho tablescape wasn't so popular among many people in the styling industry. Hopefully, now, we're gonna see more and more of this style in upcoming weddings and other events.

A big day like a wedding or any significant party requires stunning and luxurious boho tablescapes featuring a combination of beautiful patterns and colors. Such is a great inspiration for any boho couples or guests at your fancied party.

If you're reading this post, you probably want to delve into new and inspirational ideas to help you create a wonderful boho tablescape that would leave everyone in awe. We'll make it very easy for you, but also ensure that you make a perfect boho table setting.

Bohemian styling involves mixing natural textures with artistic accents to create a beautiful, warm and welcoming environment for your guests. Besides, the combination of simple patterns and organic elements brings out a laid-back feel ideal for big days.

Keep reading to learn more about creating a stunning boho tablescape:

1. Go Green

Table with Yellow Flowers

The first step to creating your boho tablescape involves a careful selection of beautiful decorative items to supplement your design. Small succulents in a pot, loose plant cuttings( natural or faux) are beautiful accents to include, providing the ideal amount of natural aesthetics. Let this arrangement inspire your entire design process.

2. Use woven chargers

Boho Tablescape with Woven Placemats

A great theme should also be a top consideration for your boho tablescape. That's why we recommend a woven chargers from our Iraca Palm placemat collection to help you keep up with the rustic, but yet the organic theme of your boho tablescape. While woven chargers would be a perfect complement, choosing dark colors with a matte finish would also provide excellent results. However, you should avoid shiny colors if you want to keep the design grounded and casual.  Check out some of our woven placemats that will elevate your boho table setting:

3. Include Simple Striped Linens

Boho Table Runner

Would you like to inspire your guests uniquely? Adding some visual interest is key if you want to make your boho tablescape stunning. To achieve this, you should choose striped linens which won't overpower your overall boho table setting design.

4. Add Flatware with Some Bit of Personality

Woven Candle Holders

Some bit of simple refinement is part of what creates an appealing boho style. Therefore, including flatware with a twist will enable you to bring in much-needed texture. Silver flatware featuring wooden handles will work fine.

5. Use translucent tableware with patterns

clear mini bud vase

Layering is also a critical aspect of bohemian decoration. Translucent tableware with patterns will enhance the beauty of your tableware while helping your balance the colors.

6. Consider a clear Glassware Finish

Since the boho tablescape already has plenty of colors, adding more would only make it worse. For perfection, add a series of clear glassware to finish the boho tablescape perfectly.

You need stunning boho decor for your big day. Avoid the hassle by tapping into the aforementioned tips to help you create a beautiful boho tablescape that would leave all your guests in awe.


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