Find Our Orchid Napkin Rings in Better Homes & Garden Magazine's June 2021 Edition

Do you know Better Homes & Gardens magazine? We have big news! Our Orchid Napkin Ring just got featured in June 2021's edition.

Where can I find your Orchid Napkin Ring?

Our Orchid napkin ring is featured in Better Homes & Gardens June 2021's Life Trends section.  Look for "Set your Summer Tables" (page 12) section and you will find the napkin rings there.

Better Homes Gardens Cover

About our Orchid Napkin Ring

Our beautiful Orchid Woven Napkin ring is made with natural Iraca palm by artisans in Colombia.  Our Orchid napkin Ring is available in several colors including Coral and Papya but I prefer the rustic chic look of the natural Iraca palm fiber.  You can use our Orchid napkin ring with any cloth or even paper napkin to personalize your table setting.  Our Orchid napkin ring is a great way to add texture and a "wow! factor" to your tablescapes.  The Orchid napkin rings are big- they measure 4" x 4" and will take about half of the space of the salad plate.

Elevate your Table Settings with Orchid Napkin Rings...

Pair them with Woven Placemats!

What is Better Homes & Garden Magazine

Better Homes & Gardens is a big publication in the United States with millions of people subscribed to the magazine.  In addition, the magazine is a favorite in waiting rooms and that can double or triple the amount of people that can see our Orchid napkin ring.  We are so grateful to the team at Better Homes & Gardens for selecting our Orchid napkin ring and loving it as much as we do.  The exposure this magazine is giving our store is huge and we cannot wait to introduce our US customers to more products in our catalog.  The growth in sales is also helping us lift more of indigenous artisans out of poverty thru fair trade practices.  We think of it as a win-win for all.

What is next? Who knows but we are excited.  We got lots of new product ideas!