Creating a Boho Table with Woven Placemats

Creating a Boho Table with Woven Placemats

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Just a quick look on your favorite social media channel and you will find lots and lots of examples of boho-chic tablecapes.  This decor style has taken the design world by a storm over the past few years and is no wonder: the boho-chic, boho-rustic decor style and its new trend, urban boho, makes it fun to combine items from many different places, sources and materials.  Plus is easy to achieve this look without breaking the bank if you invest in the right pieces.

What is a Boho Home?

The Boho home typically includes an eclectic mix of natural elements with many other colors, patterns and textures.  A boho home has one purpose: to be relaxing, to allow people to kick back and hang out with friends.  Boho is not sterile.  Boho is light hearted, fun, diverse, corky and interesting.  In a boho home, each item has a story to tell...

Boho Table

The look of a Boho table is simple: a curation of eclectic items, textures and colors.  Table linens are natural or bright, depending on the mood.  But one way of keeping the boho look through any occasion is by investing in some unique boho placemats.

Boho Placemats

Boho placemats can be made of many materials including rattan, macramé, metal, jute, straw and raffia and must have an interesting design to them.  Most boho placemats in the market look the same: a round woven placemat in many colors.  Boring! 

Our boho placemats are made in 100% natural Iraca palm - a very robust and sustainable palm fiber - and handwoven by our artisans to create intricate and unique designs.  Our Iraca placemats are the most beautiful boho placemats because of the intricate designs.  Our boho placemats will add texture, color and a touch of tropical elegance to your table settings.  When you add one of our boho placemats to your table, you are sure to get compliments and start a conversation. 

Boho Woven Placemats


Our Boho Tablescape

Creating a Boho-Chic tablescape for a dinner party is not hard and it doesn't have to be expensive.  Here are our tips on how to achieve the look:

1. Add texture by adding things you like to touch: woven items like our Iraca placemats or others made in Macramé or other soft material.  Other materials that will go well on the table include: glass, stone and wood 

2. Lighten up your furniture with a light table runner

3. Add lots of greenery and flowers. TIP: Use our flower vases/napkin rings

4. Create clusters of illumination around conversation areas with lights and/or candles

5. Add patters - a little or a lot.  Is up to you.  We have some great embroidered napkins.  Have you seen them?

6. Mix elements.  Pair our woven placemats with our glass flower vase napkin rings and so on

7. Add color any way you can

This amazing tablescape comes from one of our customers.  You can find her on Instagram under her handle @NestwithNina.  Her feed is filled with lots of great table settings and other home decorating ideas.  She was very kind to share this images with us.  They were so beautiful that we decided to create a blog post around her review pictures. 

Boho Tablescape

Check out this beautiful boho tablescape from above...

Woven Iraca Placemats

A great mix of textures, colors, etc!

Woven Iraca Placemats

A better view of this amazing boho table settings featuring our Iraca woven placemats and Napkin Rings...

 Woven Iraca Placemats

This is the Boho Tablescape where you and your friends would get lost for hours!  Where's my invite? LOL

Any of our Boho Placemats in natural color will look great when paired with organic textiles for a chic bohemian style table setting. The natural elements and intricate designs of our round, woven placemats makes them a great addition to your placemat collection.

TIP: Our natural color placemats will go well with any color palette and any rustic table look

This Boho Tablescape Features:

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Flower Handwoven Iraca Placemat

Flower Handwoven Iraca Placemat


The Flower-Shaped Round Iraca Straw Woven Placemat is one of our best sellers! The pretty flower-like shape fills the table setting area.  The intricate design will surely stand out against flat or printed tablecloth.  Our rflower-shaped round Iraca straw woven placemat… Read More

Orchid Woven Iraca Napkin Ring

Orchid Woven Iraca Napkin Ring


Finish your table setting with our Iraca Orchid Woven Napkin Ring.  Handmade with Iraca straw fibers and weaved by talented artisans into an intricate and beautiful orchid.  The Iraca straw orchid napkin ring in natural color will complement any table… Read More

Well, I hope this blog post and the images gives you a good idea what 'your" Boho table should look like.  I find it really helpful having a list to check off the main elements of my tablescape.  If you need more table settings idea, please follow us on Instagram at @MacondoForeverShop and tag friends you think would like our woven placemats and napkin rings.


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